Add to Wishlist + Quick View. Bitter Melons and Wax Gourds. Cover Crops Loofah ( Luffa ) Sponges Buy online today. Squash Winter Type Rhubarb Beans. Email address. Rice ( Wildlife Rice For Duck Food Plots ) It is a pear-shaped vegetable but lacks the numerous seeds found in its counterparts. Sow seeds in seed pots in spring and transplant to a greenhouse border or warm frame when large enough. Artichoke & Cardoon. All Seeds; Aubergine seeds; Beetroot seeds; Cabbage seeds; Calabrese seeds; Carrot seeds; Chard seeds; Chilli seeds (all) Chilli seeds: Habaneros; Chilli seeds: spice-types; Chilli seeds: superhots; Chilli seeds: vegetable-types; Courgette & marrow seeds; Cucumber seeds; Exotic and unusual vegetable seeds; Edible flowers’ seeds; Fennel seeds; French bean seeds; Herb seeds Quirky fruits & vegetables to grow and cook at home. Grow your own unusual, gourment and specialist vegetables from seed. Out of stock. Gourds and Decorative Edible Squash Cabbage Beets Chinese ( Napa ) Cabbage Mustard and Other Greens 8. Before making an order please check your country’s import regulations regarding the species of seed you wish to buy – it is your responsibility to conform to these regulations. Quick tips for sowing oriental leaves and mustards, Growing bulbing onions and shallots from seed, Physalis (tomatillo & ground cherry) seed. From time to time we send out news about Sea Spring Seeds and the products we sell. Cardoon Brussels Sprouts Shop with confidence. unusual vegetable seeds - Prime Eligible. Squash Summer Type and Zucchini Add to Wishlist + Quick View. From odd fruit to alien looking veg, these are my top 10 unusual edibles to grow in your garden. Baby's Breath. Amaranth ( Chinese Spinach ) Artichokes. Sometimes called magenta spreen. Salsify ( Oyster Plant ) Ten of the most exciting unusual vegetables to grow in your edible garden. But they don’t stop at red corn, there’s almost a corn of every color in their unusual seed selection. Cucumis melo is an unusual small Oriental melon, with oblong-shaped melons 3-4 inches long, these fruits have a smooth, golden skin and a very crisp, sweet white flesh. Cucumbers Asparagus. Many rare varieties of vegetable seeds have unique tastes and appearances that have just become forgotten or neglected because they don’t produce uniform crops of veggies like the ones you see in supermarkets. Heirloom Futures Seed Pack with 55 Varieties of Vegetable Seeds. Ramps ( Wild Leeks ) A half hardy annual grown for its succulent, leafy shoots. Strawberry Vegetable seeds and flower seeds, including single colour, single variety seeds, heirloom seeds and rare or unusual seeds, plants and bulbs. Advanced Search - use keywords and colours to search our current seed collection. 1. Agastache - Hyssop. Add to Wishlist + Quick View. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Bitter Melons and Wax Gourds Cauliflower Plant Theatre Funky Veg KIT Gift Box - 5 Extraordinary Vegetables to Grow -Everything You Need to Start Growing in one Box! 2. Tomato ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’ 4. Chicory Swiss Chard Onions/Scallions Asparagus Pea Asparagus Pea. Amazon's Choice for Unusual Vegetable Seeds. Super Grow Kit Gift. If you are interested in receiving these messages, please sign up here. Artichokes CACTUS SEEDS Hildewintera colademononis (Monkey Tail Cactus) / 10 seeds $ 4.95. Pumpkins Rutabaga Parsley Squash Japanese Kabocha Type Popcorn State of Mississippi Seedmen's Permit #C-391, Ohio 90152, Minnesota 20086777, Rice ( Wildlife Rice For Duck Food Plots ). Broad bean ‘Bunyard’s Exhibition’ 3. Salsify is a unusual vegetable that is probably already growing wild in your backyard. The Vegetable Seed Store. Chives Vegetable Seeds From Around the World Hundreds of unique vegetable seeds for your gardening pleasure! View Gallery 13 Photos Cowpeas We do not send phytosanitory certificates with orders. Turn your garden, yard, and dinner table into a colorful scene by getting yourself some of these unique seeds so you can grow pink sunflowers, rainbow carrots, purple cauliflower, and more. Malabar Spinach Eggplant Soybeans Pak Choi/Bak Choi An unusual selection of tropical, semi hardy and hardy varieties to wet your appetite. Peppers Radicchio Try their Hopi Turquoise. Leeks Heritage & heirloom vegetable seeds. Finocchio Bitter Gourd Tomatoes It has a single, large and flattened pit which is edible. Brussels sprout ‘Red Rubine’ 8. Remember me Log in. Amaranth ( Chinese Spinach Many rare and unusual varieties sold. SUCCULENT SEEDS Dioscorea elephantipes / 5 seeds (Elephant’s foot, Turtle back plant) $ 5.75. Arugula. Peanuts × Plant finder. Corn and Ornamental Corn Hundreds of unique vegetable seeds for your gardening pleasure! Sugar Beets A winter squash that grows well in British conditions and is eaten in a surprisingly large number of ethnic cuisines. These include anything from insectivorous and cacti plant seeds to unusual garden and greenhouse plant seeds. This unusual vegetable has a few different names and is a particularly common in New Zealand, where it is simply known as a yam, even though it is not a true yam. Includes a video at the end. The root and young shoots are used as a vegetable and taste similar to oysters. Fast and cheap shipping! When COVID-19 hit the world early in the Spring of 2020, the sales volume that we experienced, although greatly appreciated, did put unexpected drains on our inventory. FREE Shipping by Amazon. My own selection of seeds to enable you to grow your own unusual vegetables.. My own selection of seeds to enable you to grow your own unusual vegetables. Heirloom Vegetable Seeds from Victory Seeds. Serving gardeners since 1992 Species and varieties of plant you just won't see in the local supermarkets. Asters, China. 11 Vegetable Seed Mix - 3500 Seeds - Tomato, Sweet Pepper, Onion, Lettuce, Courgette, Cucumber, Cherry Tomato, Carrots, Peas, Spinach, Cayenne Pepper Ready for Planting Outdoors, Grow Your Own Garden 4.3 out of 5 stars393 £8.95£8.95 Squash ‘Crown Prince’ 5. Turnip Potato ( From seeds ) This melon is very prolific and is very popular in Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Chayote. Quinoa ( Cereal, Superfood ) Now, that’s a cauliflower of a different color. Amaranth grows well in most soils and prefers a warm, sunny spot. Known as a bath sponge produced from the mature fruit, the luffa is also prized as a vegetable when harvested very young. Spinach We sell a large and constantly changing variety of awesome heirloom seeds, plants, and a whole heap of other unusual stuff too! ) Chayote is also a gourd vegetable variety with a slightly different structure. Sorghum Plant grows vigorously in warm climates. Peas: Early Spring The young flower shoots can also be harvested and used like asparagus either raw or … Endive Welcome to Fair Dinkum Seeds. Beans Carrots $26.99 $ 26. Skip to main content. MARK’S EIGHT GREAT UNBUYABLE UNUSUAL VEGETABLES. Bachelor's Button. Cantaloupes and Melons A hardy annual producing leafy shoots with an exotic pink centre. 99. Browse and buy The more unusual Vegetables at Gardening for all. Also you can find some tasty fruit seeds too, like the cape gooseberry and tomatillo seeds. Close Search. Ageratum. Forgotten password? 4.4 out of 5 stars 3,615. Shallots ( From Seed ) All will add interest to both your veg patch & your plate. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Create an account Login Account; Subscription; Logout ... Also known as ‘love-lies-bleeding’ – you can see why in the picture below – amaranth seeds are full of hugely healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Celery Growing up to a metre long this luffa can be eaten when young, or allowed to mature to make a bath sponge. Other succulents Graptopetalum amethystinum / 20 seeds (Lavender Pebbles, Jewel Leaf Plant) $ 5.95. Okra 9. Cucumber ‘Crystal Lemon’ 6. Flowers Vegetables Both. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ornamental Corn and Grain Chiltern Seeds has a variety of tropical and exotic plant seeds for sale, ideal for growing your own eye-catching exotic plants from seed. Amaranth ( Chinese Spinach ) Artichokes Asparagus Asparagus Pea Beans Beets Bitter Melons and Wax Gourds Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Cardoon Carrots Cauliflower Chinese ( Napa ) Cabbage Cantaloupes and Melons Celery Chervil Lettuce and Mesclun aconitum seeds (13) actaea seeds (3) adenophora seeds (2) aethionema seeds (3) agapanthus seeds (10) agastache seeds (6) albizia seeds (2) • Register account. Garland Chrysanthemum Asparagus Tecoma Stans Seeds (Common Yellow Elder, Yellow Trumpet Bells Seeds) Adenium Multiflorum Seeds (Impala Lily Seeds) Holmskioldia Sanguinea Seeds (Chinese Hat Plant) Abies Balsamea Seeds (Balsam Fir … Kale ‘Redbor’ 7. Kohlrabi JungleSeeds provides tropical seeds, exotic seeds and exotic vegetable seed by mail order. Saltwort Collards Welcome to our Secure 2020 On Line Seed Catalogue . Beets. Grow some unusual, oriental vegetables in your garden. It is used in many parts of the world as a vegetable, with the young fruits prepared much like you would green beans. Considered a weed in the UK, purslane is popular in many ethnic cuisines. Fava Beans Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has some of the most unusual and exotic and seeds in the US, like Papa’s Red Corn, above. ... No Catalog for 2021: Although we usually offer a printed descriptive catalog every winter, these are very unusual times. The oca is a particularly high source of carbohydrates and energy, although the exact nutrition varies as there are many different varieties of the oca. Radish Menu Find; 0 ; JungleSeeds 01491 614765. All overseas orders are at the buyer's risk; no replacements or refund will be given for lost orders. Password.® is a Registered Trademark of Southern Business Express. My Account. Lettuce ‘Reine de Glace’ For more advice on growing your own vegetables, click here. Broccoli Watermelon, Contact Us | Privacy Policy | About Us All Alderman pea. Find great deals on eBay for unusual vegetable seeds. Kale Amaranth. Seeds & varieties of plant you won't see in supermarkets. Chervil Asparagus. Global seller of over 3500 varieties of flower and vegetable seeds. We supply a unique and exciting range of tropical and conventional Flower seeds including some unusual Vegetables. Unusual Seeds for the Vegetable Garden. You can find mizuna and mustard seeds which are popular in salad bags. Specialists in Traditional, Heirloom and Unusual Vegetable Seeds (This Vegetable Seed Store is a part of Exotic Seed Specailist JungleSeeds) Native Australian bush tucker, rare fruit, unusual heirloom vegetables and herbs. Orach ( Mountain Spinach ) Mache ( Corn Salad ) Broccoli. Also known as Malabar or Ceylon spinach, this tropical green is popular in Asian cooking. Oriental vegetables are popular, so sow some veg seeds and enjoy unusual vegetable and salad come harvest time.