All rights reserved. For any of this to make sense, every adult person should have a satisfactory rational explanation as to why they can say that an external world beyond their own internal world exists in the first place. Philosophies for Life is all about giving ancient wisdom for modern living. But a life philosophy doesn’t have to be a complex thing. Sounds quite familiar when put like that, doesn't it? We tend to cling on … 5 Philosophies of life Recommended Philosophy Of Life 1214646232383643 9 Paul Kun. Steve Jobs—Philosophy Of Life Posted on October 1st, 2020 at 7:57 am Comment: If today you meet a simple man on the street and talk to him, he, in principle, does not know the names of the sages, or even, perhaps, King Solomon. Life Law #10: You have to name it before you can claim it. You have fundamentally two completely different perspectives in that given exchange. Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm . Dustin Moskovitz 1. Get this essential guide to motivating kids (and teens) and master the art of motivation. I have been playing with the premise of this for awhile. He outlines a timeless philosophy of commitment to virtue above pleasure, tranquility above happiness, and perhaps most importantly, a search for inner peace in the face of an endlessly changing and chaotic world. 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It should be a personal and simple philosophy with the aim of tackling the existential issues of our lives that we will all inevitably face.Through this, we can endeavour to integrate meaning into our lives. It should be necessary to everyone to explain to themselves in a satisfactory manner a) why they believe in what they believe b) is there a possibility of them being completely and utterly wrong in their conclusions. This specific topic hit me like a ton of bricks at 4:30 in the morning about a month ago. The most you'll ever get is what you ask for. Jeremy Bentham, at least to me, was one of the greatest thinkers ever to have lived. 1. Lecture 1 Introduction to Philosophy Arnel Rivera. 20 Examples of Ethics and Morals in Daily Life Some Examples of ethics and morals Are truth, not cheating, being generous and loyal, altruism and solidarity 10 examples of philosophy in life. Without having done so, one's opinions on the external world seem rather pointless to begin with, so it is an essential foundation to build everything else on. 10 Life Philosophies for Peace of Mind Happiness is a choice!. This is the origin of a lot of rather awful argumentation, because people mix what ought to be and what actually is. Sartre’s most life-changing philosophy could be said to be his position that each of us are entirely free and that we are the ones who determine our own fate. One should however understand that increased utility doesn't necessarily mean "more money," otherwise it'll be quite difficult to understand a lot of how the world actually works. After having done all this, you'll pretty much know exactly who you are. Strategy: Get clear about what you want and take your turn. Logical fallacies, both formal and informal, are used as much today as they were in ancient Greece or Rome, where they were first codified. Paul said in Philippians 4:13; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This statement does not simply have reference to our ability to achieve and accomplish. When you extend this to a confrontational situation, you end up with some of the bloodiest conflicts possible; people only realize their own justifiable motivations for aggression, misunderstanding, or simply not caring about those of of the opposing party. Especially in light of the existential fear of death that we as human being tend to generally share, the idea is very simple: when you're alive, you're alive, so thinking about your own death is premature and pointless, and when you're dead, you tend to be too busy being dead to notice it at all. Be it due to lack of wont or that of capability, distinguishing between normative and descriptive statements is something people normally don't really do properly. The process of refining this philosophy is like building a ship. According to the Aztecs, the ultimate meaning of life was to live in balance with nature and allow the continuation of the energy that gives rise to each generation.That energy, called teotl, isn’t so much a deity as kind of like the Force.It’s an energy that surrounds all living things, joining everything we know and everything that’s beyond our knowledge.