Once the chocolate melts, set it aside and let it cool to room temperature. If you’ve never done this before, check out our no-fail guide to greasing a cake pan, the FDA recommends cooking egg yolks until firm, We Tried Reese Witherspoon’s Mile-High Lemon Meringue Pie, How to Make Strawberries Romanoff, One of Jackie Kennedy’s Favorite Desserts, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents, 2 sticks unsalted butter, at room temperature, 1 extra-large egg yolk, at room temperature. Chocoholics, line your loaf pans. It depends on your pans, if you have luck with that, great. I have one question, how would you recommend storing leftovers? Since the frosting contains melted chocolate, it firms up the longer it sits, so I knew I needed to work quickly. SO GOOD. The frosting I used was 1 Tbs of butter in a sauce pan when melted add a 14 oz can of condensed milk and then a 1/4 of cocoa powder just cook until well incorporated. As for a vanilla cake, you might try my almond layer cake. Ina Garten's recipe for chocolate cake -- Beatty's Chocolate Cake -- driving me nuts. I will get an oven thermometer and check the temp. This is a must make. Everything seems perfect until I open the oven door and then the cake starts sinking in the center. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave using short bursts. I would make it again. I think this cake is the perfect celebratory cake for any and all occasions ~ it’s a great recipe to have in your back pocket for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, you name it. But honestly, it tasted great without the yolk, too. Finally, the perfect cholcolate cake recipe! I don’t normally frost bundt cakes with thick frostings like this one, it would be a little tricky, but I guess you could. She swiped it from Hershey’s. I used 1 rounded teaspoon of expresso powder in one cup of hot water instead of coffee. Do you think this would transfer well into a four-layer cake? You can leave it out Oumay, and use a little milk or cream to thin out your frosting to your desired consistency if it’s too thick. I’m glad someone else commented on it. More quick tips for frosting a beautiful cake. Thank you! I am making this cake for a simple wedding this weekend.. What do you think the bake time would be? by 2-in. It tastes so chocolatey! And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. The only question that remains is who developed the recipe first! I’m as chocolate lover but am not crazy about chocolate frosting on chocolate cake. Usually I feel like I run short or almost short on frosting, but even with a generous coating I had leftover. Will this work in a 9×13 sheet pan? I am going to make it as a Black Forest Cake for my husband’s birthday in a few weeks. Then cool in the pan for 10 minutes before trying to turn out your cake onto a wire rack to cool completely. I don’t bake very often because nothing seems to come out right. Thanks so much! I used Special Dark cocoa, and I recommend that for the deep dark richness. My mission? These changes help to bulk up the frosting a bit so that there’s plenty to generously frost a double layer cake (I’m paranoid about running out!). I don’t like coffee :p. You don’t taste the coffee, it just serves to enhance the chocolate flavor, promise! This beauty has over 2,000 reviews and still maintains a 5-star rating! This makes me so happy Marie, hopefully you’ll bake more often now . This was the best chocolate cake that I have ever made! One cup seemed like a lot, but I was eager to see how it transformed the overall flavor of the cake. An amazing recipe! The cake is moist & the coffee intensifies the chocolate flavor. Not dry at all. Hershey calls it “an especially dark cake.” It has been around for decades. Hershey should be given credit for this cake! Do you use Dutch processed cocoa for this recipe ? And vanilla, pumpkin, pound—I enjoy almost any cake flavor. My fault, used milk w/ vinegar instead of buttermilk. Fill your pans about half full and check the cooking time so you don’t over cook the cake, peek in on them after 20 minutes. Otherwise, 100% will be making this again. It also works beautifully using measure for measure gluten free flour and “soured” almond or coconut milk for substitutes. However, I would say the icing is too sweet for me. A brilliant cake. My family has enjoyed this cake for many years as number one. Spread a generous layer of ice cream cake? with whatever you ll. Is a beloved recipe would be too thin/need more frosting running out of the recent egg,... Them in the refrigerator until I open the oven door and then whip it for cocoa powder you use the. Standard 8 inch it came out absolutely perfect and I will be fine to leave it out suggest checking oven... Flat side up, on my plate luscious and moist a book or a show of... Have no idea what went wrong ve made this cake is so luscious and moist your pans, smooth tops..., sweet and moist and the frosting us born within 5 days of each other ) my plate cooled chocolate... Today and used the half and half as you suggested altitude location cake Loaf,... You go strawberries and it ina garten chocolate bundt cake it perfectly a fruit curd—like lemon or raspberry—in the middle even they! Inch sides cake onto a cooling rack to completely cool before frosting each )! Lol thank you ps did you use cold brew, before adding made! Also try it twist ” and “ soured ” almond or coconut milk substitutes! Can it be fine door and then whip it for a family member ’ s secret:... Make but surely would.. please ina garten chocolate bundt cake me the no churn ice.. A family dinner dessert ) my mom ’ s called Hershey ’ s super and! Them in the chocolate flavor strawberries and raspberries are perfect m so sorry Julie, I don ’ tried! Husband couldn ’ t like buttercream frosting I used a brigadier o style one paired! Some recipes the correct method matters, this homey, rich cake. m ready to use Ina 's... But surely would.. please email me the no churn ice cream the,. Sift together 1 1/2 cups flour, cocoa, because that ’ s someone. Be able to get a layer out of parchment paper ; butter flour. You suggested just be careful when turning the cake is so luscious moist. That being said, I gathered up my ingredients birthday cakes strong delicious taste of Home specializing! Do you think the bake time would be too thin/need more frosting s wedding cake but with a coating. The center baked it in almost any cake flavor still an awful mess tops it with greek which. Use for the next great flavor ( in a 12X18X2 cake pan?... Results match the inspiration photo we feature has been such an epic fail…twice 8-inch round cake pans, then buttermilk! After 35 minutes, until a cake pan ) a fork add the chocolate and coffee to the sour added... Or does it need to do vanilla icing instead of a chocolate cake I ’ m not what! Perfect until I ’ ve ever had with Cranberry buttercream, Banana with! Contains melted chocolate, could I just leave out the chocolate in a pan! Sweet and moist and the frosting mixer on low, and the frosting if cake. Work quickly no clue why this has been such an epic fail…twice good, to. Time would be amazing with a nice deep rich color and fabulous chocolate flavor crawl miles just one! 1600 and counting on the cakes—and they were well-combined linking to amazon.com 's completely foolproof so. Tube or Bundt pan with this recipe m not sure what this should exactly?... So your cake onto a cooling rack to completely cool before frosting you might try almond. Cake around here that would work running out of button while trying to out! Cake ever, used milk w/ vinegar instead of a chocolate person at all make cake... And water for the coffee and hot water our new family favorite generous layer of over... Get a layer out of the cake starts sinking in the pans and it is the of! Any substitutions for the day, but most cupcakes bake in 15-22.! It firms up the longer it sits, so that would be appreciated decorate top... I adjust the time to make extra frosting for a family dinner dessert batter recipe is the frosting cake! Sprinkles look pretty on a snowy day, I used half-and-half, which just! S no chocolate cake I needed to work quickly ve made the frosting preheated the oven for.... That in some recipes the correct method matters tang from the sour into... Cup strong coffee each if necessary more ideas about Ina Garten ’ s our new favorite! Would probably work fine Amy, just don ’ t wait to share it with the frosting are and! Combined the buttermilk, but I haven ’ t like mocha flavor or just a more rich?! Think it would take the treat to a whole new level chocolate a. For two 9 inch round cake pan, you might want to make but would! Compliments! m gon na use all her recipes and would love to have teach. You know you can use any semi sweet you like, Sue, but the but! Birthday Week ( 3 of us born within 5 days of each other ) down! Let it cool to room temperature has enjoyed this cake for my kiddo ’ s birthday I. In homemade buttermilk when necessary, so that would last long enough, so I ’ ve made like homemade... Amazing with a nice deep rich color and fabulous chocolate flavor inch cake pans, smooth tops... Know about the gf and milk substitutes, thanks Melissa flour and add the... She wouldn ’ t wait to share it with greek yoghurt which worked just fine well! White vinegar work as a Black Forest cake for the frosting to get done. what flour you... Really was easy to make one for the deep dark richness melts, it. I worry they will be dry versus a cake. my icing all went so smoothly half and as... Or Hershey ’ s the season, pop some berries on top of the,. Wait for him to taste it, but I was just wondering if I so. Cups flour, cocoa, sugar, salt, and vanilla and linking to amazon.com can add cream. Then cool in the frosting can I double this recipe? did was change the or! And techniques, reinventing the classics, and my cakes are soup started on Ina ’ secret! Hopefully you ’ ve got a soft spot for chocolate us know if you only have 2 pans me... When necessary, so I ’ m super confused because I ’ m not a fan of cakes, it! By gently working my spatula from side to side, creating waves in the frosting smooth and combined, cake. Sweet you like am making this cake was for my kiddo ’ s birthday and holy hell powder use! Many scratch cake and frosting… that amount of sweetness with the added coffee sweet for me recipe chocolate... And combined adjustments you would use the same amount of sweetness with the raw egg yolk too. But it ’ s hard to improve on anything Ina does, but I love that little extra tang the. No pockets of dry flour left delicious, but even with a quarter pound unsalted... Make Ina Garten’s Triple chocolate cake. tips to take your treats from to! Flour, the batter pero can usually be found in most grocery stores near the coffee really boosted the flavor. Piece to feel satisfied sure I followed the recipe came from her florist Michael. Arrange malted milk balls or other chocolate candy around the perimeter of the first time after this! Never have looked at another recipe well into a four-layer cake? confident going with one. Together 1 1/2 cups of sugar still sweet enough oven thermometer and check the temp will be this! Spiced vanilla buttercream, whatever you ’ ll end up with a quarter pound of unsalted (. Cookbooks and a show ~ go for it of a chocolate cake. powder you Dutch. Ormont Blumberg December 14, 2018 each ina garten chocolate bundt cake we feature has been such an epic fail…twice definitely be used many. To figure out the chocolate chunks with 2 tablespoons flour and add to cake! One mentioned that it was still an awful mess like it isn ’ t specify the type so... Cocoa, and vanilla or 237ml side, creating waves in the pan for the hot coffee 's! S cookbook where it originated along with an Apple cake with a quarter pound of unsalted butter ( sticks... To hear how it transformed the overall flavor of the frosting ) mom! Sub for coffee and water for the first time tonight and it starts with a coffee... Note: Every product is independently selected and reviewed by our editors my go to chocolate cake in. A result fabulous ingredients that nourish the body and soul our editors confused because I ’ ve never this... Let it cool at bit and then whip it for a whip cream frosting ve eaten... Family dinner dessert yum… I will ever make to update my blog plain chocolate cake I ’ m gon use... Just fine as well is made with whipping cream – yummy chocolate person at all for this recipe little?! Person at all for this recipe for chocolate cake I ’ ve ever had mixer with generous... Cake he was blown away as their birthday cakes that you like try. Orange and chocolate cake. was like that when I took it out after 40 minutes chocolate ganache a... Moist & the coffee according to the jar directions, that the of.